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Things to do. Places to go.

Things to do. Places to go:


  1. Local Villages:

All of the major settlements such as Karimabad, Aliabad, Dourkhan, Hassanaad and the rest have villages in the vicinity where most of the locals abide. These villages offer travelers a genuine opportunity to closely view and interact with the local population for a wholesome experience. TAP has accordingly scattered such properties so that you also have a choice to book rooms that are placed in proximity to these villages.

  1. Baltit Fort:

A royal fort residence of that dates backs over 7 centuries (some claim even a millennia), has been a UNCESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.  It is a maintained historical site infused with local art and culture that all travelers are strongly recommended to visit.

  1. Altit Fort:

The predecessor to the Baltit Fort is another site that draws visitors for its location and depiction of Hunza’s history. It is a decent example of another major monument of the region.

  1. Rakaposhi Viewpoint:

The picturesque Rakaposhi (meaning snow-covered) peak is viewable from this particular point. It is one of the lengthiest unbroken scenery of fields and forest that rise to the summit of the towering +25,000 feet mountain peak that overlooks the area. A must-stop-point for all, no excuses!

  1. Ganish Museum:

Restoration of the Ganish village led to it winning the Unesco Asia Pacific Heritage Award for 2009. The whole area reflects the traditional life of Hunza. It is a living museum where life moves at its own pace. There are many ancient watchtowers in the area as well and it is certainly worth a trip.

  1. Valleys:

Each valley in the surroundings deserves a description (and visit on your part).

  1. Astore:  Located on the eastern side of Nanga Parbat, Astore is a scenic valley filled with pastures and eye-catching terrain. Lakes like Rama and Satrangi are popular attractions.
  2. Nagar:  Nagar is another beautiful valley located in the Nagar district adjacent to Hunza. The serenity calls to all travelers and must be experienced.
  3. Naltar: Naltar valley lies 40 km from Gilgit and is can be reached on jeeps. The epic pine forests and wildlife are worth witnessing. Skiing is also possible in the region organized by the “Skiing Federation of Pakistan”. The 3 lakes are havens for those with an eye for photography.

Notable mentions: Ishkoman Valley, Bar Valley, Ghandus Valley and Diamer Valley

      7.  Lakes

The Gilgit-Baltistan region is renowned for sprawling lakes that provide relaxation + recreation to all travelers:

  1. Attabad:

Also known as Gojal Lake, this body of water was formed in 2010 after a landslide blocked the Hunza River and created a pseudo-dam in the area. It has rapidly become a much visited spot for the scenic image painted by the blue waters that can be explored via boat.

2. Borith:

Another high altitude lake, Borith provides a great recluse for the outdoor spirited traveler and is accessible via trek or jeep.

3. Shimshal:

Shimshal is the highest settlement in Hunza valley and the nearby Lake is a major attraction for all travelers who seek to travel here.

-Notable mentions:

Rush Lake, Rama Lake, Satrangi, Karaambar

  1. Queen Victoria Monument:

An hours’ trek from Karimabad, this monument lies at the top a rock face.

  1. Haldekush (Sacred Rocks):

Lying on your way to Upper Hunza, there are stony rises with inscriptions and images of various sorts. Some of the writings are thought to be over a millennia old and depict topics such as religion, community and even conflict.

  1. Glaciers:

The Gilgit-Baltistan region is filled with these huge glacial entities that can be reached and even ventured upon. Some major names such as Batura, Biafo, Hispar, Baltoro, Passu, Batura, Hopar and more are all located in the region.

  1. Water Channel Walk:

Follow some of the main channels stemming from Ultar Nala. 7 channels run to the west while 5 to the east; a walk down these will put you in perspective of the amazing terrain that lies before your eyes.

  1. Famous Peaks:

Although you can find dozens of overwhelming mountain peaks in the area, several deserve a particular mention that get keep your eyes looking on and on:

  1. Rakaposhi Peak – 7,788 m
  2. Ultar Sar – 7,388 m
  3. Bojahagur Duanasir – 7,329 m
  4. Ghenta Sar – 7,090 m
  5. Hunza Peak – 6,270 m
  6. Ladyfinger – 6,008 m

     12. Cafe de Hunza:

This small diner is a slice of heaven that rests in Karimabad Bazaar and serves excellent coffee, tea, pancakes, breakfast options and unanimously acclaimed walnut cake! Worth a trip or two? Definitely!

  1. Glacier Breeze Restaurant:

Nestled with a scenic view of the Passu Cathedral, this restaurant offers a mouth-watering apricot cake that would be aptly complimented by a cup of tea. Other items are amazing as well.

  1. Dumani:

You would expect nothing but quality from Serena Gilgit’s own restaurant and Dumani delivers nothing less. A delicious variety of cuisine is available at the place that warrants a trip.