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Travel Tips

A small list of essential pointers:
1) Travel with basic food items (water bottles, edible items) at all times. Basic medical aid (bandages, aspirin, and pain-killers) should be carried as well.
2) Do not over speed or drive rash. You are putting yourself and others around you in danger.
3) Spare tires, inflation kit, coolant and other necessary items required for the care of your car should also be present.
4) Get your car and its components checked before you embark on your journey and preferably have them reviewed during your travels too.
5) It is feasible to travel during the day rather than risk travel at night. Landslide debris and road bends are easier to decipher during the day.
6) Speak to local travel authorities or vendors to get updates regarding weather and road conditions before setting out to explore the region.
7) Take advice/aid from local travel experts before setting out on adventurous treks/hikes.
8) Kindly be mindful of local religious and cultural values.
9) Do not pollute the area, as stakeholders, we are all responsible in sustaining it.
10) It is highly recommended that do not hole up in a single place on your travels but travel to different towns in the Valley to fully experience its woners.
11) Lastly, do not forget to book with TAP!